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EC to police over 'defamatory' "thief" comment

09 October 2018, MVT 16:19
Elections Commission President at a press conference. PHOTO: AHMED NISHAATH / MIHAARU
09 October 2018, MVT 16:19

The issue of President Office’s Spokesperson, Ibrahim Muaz, calling the Elections Commission’s president, Ahmed Shareef, a “thief”, was filed at Maldives Police Service and Maldives Broadcasting Commission on Tuesday.

In an interview given to local media Mihaaru, Shareef stated that Muaz’s statements have been lodged at the relevant institutions due to their baseless and defamatory nature.

President’s Office Spokesperson, Muaz, has not commented on the matter yet.

Incumbent President Abdulla Yameen Abdula Gayoom lost the recent presidential election to the now President-Elect Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, after which the incumbent has questioned the legitimacy of the election results. While his ruling Progressive Party of Maldives is holding nightly demonstrations protesting the results, Muaz had claimed that EC members “stole” the votes during the election at one of these demonstrations.

PPM has made claims suggesting that the election was rigged by both the opposition and the EC.

However, Human Rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM) has released a report stating that no citizen's right to voting was obstructed during the elections, and that no illegal activities took place during the elections that could have an impact on the results.

PPM has stated that it will not cease to protest until EC has been made accountable for allegedly tampering with the election results.

Despite the allegations of bribery and vote buying, EC has officially stated that no complaints sufficient enough to alter the election results have been submitted.