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No official documents discarded: National Archive

26 September 2018, MVT 19:33
PPM Press Conference - Spokesperson Ibrahim Muaz Ali
26 September 2018, MVT 19:33

The National Archive, on Wednesday, has stated that no ministries or government offices have disposed of any official documents.

At a meeting held at the administrative headquarters of the National Archive, Director General Mohamed Shathir stated that no complaints regarding unlawful disposal of documents have been filed and that no evidence of any such action, has been received.

The law states that government offices must obtain permission from the Director General of the National Archive before discarding charts, records or any other important documents. Shathir noted that to his knowledge, no such requests had been made.

The opposition has recently requested the Maldives Police Service (MPS) to investigate reports of official documents being discarded.

However, Shathir noted that the National Archive reserves the right to involve MPS in such investigations.

Ibrahim Muaz, the spokesperson of the president’s office, also stated that paper shredders are used in all offices for disposing of documents that are no longer of use or needed.