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Ruling party hosts massive campaign gathering

Shaina Abdulla
18 September 2018, MVT 22:29
Shaina Abdulla
18 September 2018, MVT 22:29

Ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) has begun its’ biggest campaign gathering on Tuesday night.

The ruling party gathering was held as a response to the claims made by the opposition coalition on the size of support for PPM, after a massive opposition gathering held at Alimas Carnival on September 8 filled the venue.

PPM presidential candidate and ruling party leader Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom, along with First Lady, Fathimath Ibrahim, is among the attendees of the campaign gathering.


Campaign gathering by ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM)


According to PPM, over 40,000 supporters attended the campaign gathering.


Minister of Economic Development Mohamed Saeed: We all must make a promise today. Each of us must recruit five more individuals to the ruling party. President Yameen has been leading our nation. With god's will, President Yameen will be elected for a second term.


Defence Minister Adam Shareef: We have gathered here to elect President Yameen for a second term in order to protect our religion, Islam, and our nation. Parties who hold deals with international bodies cannot uphold our sovereignty.

Campaign gathering by ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM)


Moosa Manik (Reeko Moosa): Former president Nasheeed’s coalition fell apart in a short period of 2 years. Therefore, it is evident that a coalition cannot run the government. For this reason, the Constitution also grants the executive power only to the President.


Vice President of PPM Abdul Raheem Abdulla: There are 50,000 people at this rally. Supporters from across the Maldives are here because they accept the development. The supporters here want to uphold religion and independence in the country. We did not bring in supporters to our rally, the rally brought us the supporters. The citizens here do not support slavery and the citizens here do not support same-gender relationships.


PPM running mate Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed: We must re-elect current president, Yameen. Maldives is not a war torn nation and it needs a strong leader. MDP undermines respect for Islam and portrayed scholars as terrorists during their administration.


President Yameen releases the PPM 2018 manifesto.

President Yameen releases the PPM 2018 manifesto at massive ruling party gathering.


President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom: The fate of Maldives will be decided in the upcoming 4 days. I request you to vote for me and my running mate Dr Shaheem.


President: We could not bring in as much supporters to the gathering as we hoped.


President: The coalition manifesto only consists of pledges by the main opposition [Maldivian Democratic Party] MDP. Ibrahim Mohamed Solih lacks the courage to include pledges by any other opposition party.


President Yameen noted on the developments made across the archipelago during his regime.


President: The biggest hospital in the country had run for over a year with one MRI machine. This is just a small cost of USD2 million. Why couldn’t the MDP administration install another MRI machine, even with the money made by selling off the airport to GMR?


President: Increasing job opportunities have become more vital than the need for provision of housing for the youth.


President: The manifesto released tonight will increase our revenue by two times. If we collect USD10 million now, the promises in the manifesto will raise the revenue to USD20 million.

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom speaking during the massive ruling party gathering.


President: I have brought down the price of water supply. This has not been achieved by any President in the country. With god’s will, in another 5 years of the ruling administration, we will buy majority of the shares in the water supply company and bring down the prices of water supply to all citizens.


President: Will bring down the price of electricity. We have a plan and a way to achieve this.


President: No island will be farther than 30 minutes from an airport after 5 more years of the ruling regime.


President: My wife and I are doing sincere work. We have not built a palace for ourselves. I have not requested to raise my pay or allowances. This ship sports a great captain, but you the citizens must be the fuel required to drive.