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Ibu pledges to introduce right to petition against parliamentary rulings

Mariyam Malsa
18 September 2018, MVT 21:43
Ibu addressing the gathering in Faafu Bilehdhoo. PHOTO: MDP
Mariyam Malsa
18 September 2018, MVT 21:43

The opposition presidential candidate, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu), on Monday, has pledged to give citizens the right to petition against rulings of the Parliament.

Speaking at an opposition rally held in Bilehdhoo in Faafu Atoll, Ibu stated that citizens will have the opportunity to oppose parliamentary decisions by petitions that achieve a set number of signatories.

The right of petition is recognized in various other countries worldwide. In addition, public has expressed discontent to certain bills and amendments passed by the Parliament in the recent years.

Parliamentarian of 25 years, Ibu, explained that the right to petition is a part of the opposition's policy of encouraging civil participation in governance. He further announced plans to establish a youth council in order to achieve this.

The opposition presidential candidate has made several other pledges to the citizens of Bilehdhoo including land reclamation, distribution of land plots and the improvement of fisheries in the island. Several uninhabited islands in Faafu Atoll are also to be developed into resorts.

Ibu had received a warm welcome in all the islands he visited as part of campaign trips.