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Opposition candidate Ibu pledges to develop airport in Meemu Atoll

Lujine Rasheed
18 September 2018, MVT 11:54
Opposition coalition presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu) during his campaign stop at M.Mulah. PHOTO/MDP
Lujine Rasheed
18 September 2018, MVT 11:54

Opposition coalition's presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu) pledged to develop an airport in Muli, Meemu Atoll, should he win the September 23 elections.

While canvassing in Meemu Atoll, Ibu made campaign stops in the islands of Kolhufushi, Mulah and Dhiggaru. He vowed to develop an airport in the atoll while speaking to supporters of the opposition coalition present at the campaign stop in Mulah, and revealed Muli as the base for the airport project while at another campaign stop in Dhiggaru.

Meemu Atoll is one of the few atolls which does not have the advantage of a direct airport. Air taxis are currently used to carry tourists to the resorts within the atoll.

Furthermore, Ibu pledged to connect Muli and Naalaafushi with the development of a causeway.

He also firmly stated that, in an opposition-led government, developmental projects will be carried out based on priority.

"We cannot accomplish everything in one go", said Ibu.

Ibu highlighted the developmental plans he will bring to Meemu Atoll should the opposition coalition win the election. These include the reclamation of land for the purpose of catering to housing issues, as well as the development of roads in the islands of the atoll.

Ibu was warmly received in all three islands that the opposition coalition made campaign stops in. The most colourful reception was witnessed in Dhiggaru, where the wife of Meemu Atoll parliament member Faris Maumoon, who is currently in jail, was present at the reception as well.

While speaking in Dhiggaru, Ibu shed light on the sacrifice made by Faris in support of a just rule, and assured that Faris will persevere at any cost.

Additionally, Ibu made a campaign stop in Kolhufushi, the native land of Adhaalath Party's jailed leader Sheikh Imran Abdullah. While speaking in Kolhufushi, Ibu highlighted the opportunities he had had to work with Imran and excessively complimented his work as well.

Ibu recognized Imran as a willing leader who is open to working in alignment with other parties, and as one of the main pillars of the successful conduct of the opposition coalition.

Ibu asserted that Faris and Imran will be vindicated in an opposition-led government.