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President files defamation charges against MDP

Ahmed Aiham
13 September 2018, MVT 17:33
President Yameen speaking at a campaign gathering. PHOTO: PRESIDENT OFFICE
Ahmed Aiham
13 September 2018, MVT 17:33

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has filed defamation charges against opposition-aligned Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) at the High Court and Civil Court.

President Yameen’s lawyer, Abbas Shareef, formerly a High Court judge, stated that three counts of charges have been filed at the High Court and urged the high court to take action against the acts committed by the opposition to hinder his constitutional right to candidacy.

Abbas revealed that the High Court is yet to accept the case.

Civil and defamation charges have been filed against MDPs’ chairperson Hassan Latheef and Secretary General Anas Abdul Sattar for their statements during the MDP press conference, while Raajje TV’s case has been filed at the Maldives Broadcasting Commission.

The president's decision to take legal action follows statements made by MDP during a press conference alleging a connection between the president and a local company said to have been illegally selling oil outside the country.

The charges faced by Raajje TV concerns their public broadcast of the said press conference.

Abbas stated they are investigating financial damages caused by MDP and that they plan to seek compensation for the damages incurred.