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Ibu extends open invitation for MDA leader Siyam to join opposition coalition

Lujine Rasheed
12 September 2018, MVT 12:54
Maldives Development Alliance (MDA)'s leader Ahmed Shiyam Mohamed (Sun Siyam) speaks at the closing ceremony of the annual Hithaanee Festival by Sadaqat Foundation. PHOTO/MDA
Lujine Rasheed
12 September 2018, MVT 12:54

Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu) has claimed that Maldives Development Alliance (MDA)'s leader Ahmed Shiyam Mohamed (Sun Siyam)'s support for coalition partner and ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) was wavering, and extended an 'open invitation' to Siyam asking him to join the opposition promptly.

The opposition coalition's presidential candidate Ibu extended his invitation to Siyam while speaking at Kudafaree, Noonu Atoll, Siyam's native island.

Siyam, who maintains a close relationship with President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom, has not participated in any of PPM's campaign canvassing despite President Yameen's assertion that MDA remained in coalition with PPM.

Taking this into consideration, Ibu confidently stated that Siyam's actions elude to him not being in favour of the ruling party, and that the best course of action for MDA would be to join the opposition coalition and continue the race hand-in-hand together.

"I would like to tell Siyam to graciously join the opposition coalition. Join us for our pending victory", said Ibu.

A large number of civil servants welcomed Ibu to Kudafaree upon his arrival to the island. The workers expressed the importance of having job security, and Ibu had promptly assured to bring an end to living in constant fear of losing jobs. He also stressed on abolishing unjust conduct of unemployment in any form.

Ibu further assured the reinstatement of jobs for workers who were fired under political agendas and vowed to hold the unjust employers accountable.