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Transport caps taxi fare to MVR 40 for trips across Sinamale' bridge

Rae Munavvar
10 September 2018, MVT 22:25
Rae Munavvar
10 September 2018, MVT 22:25

Maldives Transport Authority sets MVR 40 as the maximum chargeable fare for trips from Male' to Hulhumale or vice versa, across the Sinamale' bridge.

Prior to the announcement, reports from local news Mihaaru indicate that taxi drivers had been charging rates between MVR 100 -250 for trips between Male' and Hulhumale'.

The Sinamale Bridge was unveiled in a colourful ceremony last Thursday night and was opened for public use on 7th September, Friday. Since, prices charged by taxi drivers have climbed to exorbitant rates, alongside rapidly growing public frustrations.

In order to regulate taxi fares, Transport Authority promptly announced fixed rates from travel within the greater Male' region, including MVR 35 for a single between the airport island Hulhule and Hulhmale, and MVR 25 for a single trip within Male' and Hulhumale'.

The government tax charged for a single trip on a motorcycle taxi crossing the Sinamale' bridge from Male to Hulhumale' and vice versa is MVR 20, whereas for Male- to Hulhule and reverse or from Hulhumale' to Hulhule and reverse, would be MVR 15.