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Air India pilots suspended after accidental landing on new runway

09 September 2018, MVT 13:31
09 September 2018, MVT 13:31

Both pilots from the Air India flight that accidentally landed on the new runway of Velana International Airport (VIA) are facing suspension.

The flight, which landed on the as yet unopened runway, was making its journey from Trivandrum, India to Maldives with 136 passengers onboard.

Indian news media reports that the matter is being looked into by Maldives Civil Aviation Authority as well as by the relevant Indian authorities. Furthermore, the pilots flying the aircraft were promptly suspended and relieved of their flying duties.

However, the reason behind the brand new Airbus A320neo aircraft's unwarranted landing has not be revealed.

According to India's renowned news media NDTV, the aircraft met with grave damages as a result of this incident including broken aircraft wheels as well as further damages caused to the aircraft brakes.

The Indian news media added that the Airbus A320neo is currently being housed in the airport apron where it was towed post landing.

Damages to the brakes and wheels were caused due to the momentary skidding of the aircraft. The skid was caused due by the prompt announcement by the airport tower warning the plane not to land on the unfinished new runway.

Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) stated their confidence and belief that the incident is not the fault of the Air Traffic Control unit.

MACL officials further stated that, though the runway was empty it was made quite evident that the area was meant to be dormant.

The AirIndia Boeing is currently in Velana International Airport to overhaul the damages caused by the unwarranted landing.