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Air India claims maiden landing on new China-funded runway

07 September 2018, MVT 17:44
Air India
07 September 2018, MVT 17:44

An Air India plane has claimed the maiden landing on the new, yet to be unveiled runaway at Velana International Airport.

According to a statement delivered by an official from MACL on Friday, the Indian flight landed on the unopened runway, which is yet to receive necessary permits for operation.

“We are investigating the incident. We had previously informed all operating airlines that we are developing a new runway, and it is not yet open for use”, said the official.

“We are checking to confirm whether the plane was piloted by a new captain.”

The official further asserted that it was not likely that the incident was caused by an issue with the air traffic controller.

“The air traffic (controller) responded that the runway was clear,” he said.

Although the new runway had been cleaned prior to the Air India Flight 320 landing, sources confirm that the area had not been cleared of previously laid out fabric cross signs and that a single piece had gotten entangled with the plane as well.

Last week, President Abdullah Yameen Abdul Gayoom had declared that prior to the upcoming electoral vote, the new runway which boasts a length of 3,400 meters and 60 meters in width, would welcome as its maiden flight, a 380 plane which is one of the largest in operation.