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Opposition candidate Ibu pledges to increase yachts to AA.Uligan

Nafaahath Ibrahim
06 September 2018, MVT 14:59
Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu) on the campaign tour to Haa Alifu. PHOTO: MDP
Nafaahath Ibrahim
06 September 2018, MVT 14:59

Opposition coalition's presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu) vowed to pave ways to increase the number of yachts visiting Uligan, Haa Alifu Atoll, in an opposition government.

While speaking at a campaign gathering held in Uligan, he said that the island used to harbour yachts travelling to different parts of the world. He noted that at some point there were up to 200 yachts docking at Uligan According to him, the island council has revealed that due to certain regulations imposed by the government, the numbers have declined to about 30 yachts annually.

Ibu declared to the crowds gathered to meet him at Uligan on Wednesday that the number of yachts declined due to the high fees they are required to pay. He vowed to change this and make Uligan a popular destination for yachts, adding that he would make docking easier than it is now.

In addition, he noted that the building allocated for Maldives Customs Services had been incomplete for a while, promising that he would ensure its completion.

According to Ibu, a different kind of concept for tourism can be developed in Uligan. He highlighted that the city hotel projects initiated during the final years of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom's reign, have stopped and are in ruin.

Ibu pledged to find ways to restart the developments of those projects and said that the coalition would aid in finding investors.

The opposition coalition candidate stated that sewerage system and clean drinking water are essential for Uligan and pledged to kickstart these projects in the island during the first year of his presidency.