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First public walk held on Sinamale Bridge

Nafaahath Ibrahim
02 September 2018, MVT 09:49
First lady with taking part in the celebratory activities held on the Sinamale Bridge. PHOTO: PSM
Nafaahath Ibrahim
02 September 2018, MVT 09:49

Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure kicks off the Sinamale Bridge inauguration celebration activities on Saturday with the special walk.

The walk was started off at four in the evening by First Lady Fathimath Ibrahim and some of the local special needs children and people.

A special parade was held by bands from various schools in capital Male. Staff from different government office joined the walk as well.

Thousands of people came to join the first public walk across the Sinamale bridge which connects Male to Hulhule.

The Bridge was open for public from 16:00 till 18:00 in the evening and again from 20:00 at night till 23:00

According to the Housing Ministry, the bridge will be open for public vehicular use by the 7th of September, following a week-long celebration of different festivities planned by the ministry.

The Sinamale Bridge, representing the close friendship between China and Maldives, was officially opened on Thursday.