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Ibu's campaign trips to GDH & GA kicks off

Nafaahath Ibrahim
31 August 2018, MVT 16:34
Presidential candidate brahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu) speaking at a gathering held in Gaaf Dhaal Vaadhoo.
Nafaahath Ibrahim
31 August 2018, MVT 16:34

The opposition Presidential Candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu) kicks off campaign trips to the islands of Gaaf Alif Atoll and Gaaf Dhaal Atoll on Friday.

Ibu is set to visit eight islands from Gaaf Dhaal and nine islands from Gaaf Alif over a period of three days in this visit. His tour has started from Gaaf Dhaal Vaadhoo.

A large gathering will be held in Gaaf Dhaal Vilingili.

MDP states that Ibu is visiting the islands to meet the people and find out about their living situation.

Additionally, Ibu will talk to the Islanders about the thinking behind opposition coalitions manifesto set for the Presidential Elections to be held on September 23.

According to the opposition, while they have met with up to 150,000 people during the ongoing on trips, most of them want a change to be brought.

The opposition stated that most people they meet during the campaign trips are eagerly working together for Presidential Abdulla Yaameen's reign to end.