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Did not probe MDP graft to avoid political strife: President Yameen

Lujine Rasheed
29 August 2018, MVT 13:51
President Yameen visits R. Dhuvaafaru-PPM Campagn-Presidential Election 2018
Lujine Rasheed
29 August 2018, MVT 13:51

President Abdullah Yameen Abdul Gayyoom confirms he did not probe into the alleged grafts committed by the former Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)-led government in a bid to avoid causing further political strife.

While speaking at Meedhoo, Raa Atoll, on his campaign trail to Raa and Noonu Atoll, President Yameen revealed that had he carried out investigations during the initial stages of his presidential term, most of the opposition leaders would be facing incarceration.

Responding to the opposition coalition's recent comments aimed at the President accusing him of unjust rulings, President Yameen stated that investigations had only been carried out following the May Day riots in 2015.

"These are things that took place. Even after me, anybody that comes to power should look into these treacherous acts. These constitutional wounds won't heal anytime soon", said President Yameen.

He firmly highlighted that 13 opportunities were given to opposition for open discussions regarding these matters, stating that he is prepared to discuss these matters within the international political arena as well.

President Yameen expressed his belief that the view of the opposition, particularly on matters of governance, was 'selfish' in nature, dubbing their concerns as futile and difficult to adhere to, as well as invoking serious ramifications.

"For example, the law does not allow me to freely pardon a prisoner that has been jailed for 13 years under terrorism charges. These prisoners have had their time at court and have been officially found guilty of their crimes", said President Yameen, referring to former president Mohamed Nasheed's detention of then-Chief Judge of the Criminal Court Abdullah Mohamed.

President Yameen extended even more criticisms towards the opposing parties, highlighting "exploitive conduct" during their power.

Summary of President Yameen's speech at R. Meedhoo

- The opposition works to obstruct foreign aid to operate projects for the Maldivian people.

- The biggest betrayal faced by the ruling party is the dishonesty of elected leaders.

- Maldivians acknowledge the completion of unimaginable developmental projects (by the incumbent government).

- Attempts made by the Opposition to implicate the ruling party's for embezzling government funds are a fallacy.

Furthermore, he identified the opposition party's leaders as 'depressed', shifting focus to the 'astounding development' that he has achieved during his term.

In his closing, the President laid claim to having made complete use of the opportunity he had been given by the Maldivian government.