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Will upsurge job opportunities exceeding the youth: President Yameen

Lujine Rasheed
27 August 2018, MVT 15:11
President Abdulla Yameen meeting with some of the youth at a PPM campaign hub. PHOTO: PPM
Lujine Rasheed
27 August 2018, MVT 15:11

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom promisingly vowed to upsurge job opportunities far exceeding the number of Maldivian youth, should he win the upcoming elections.

While speaking at a ceremony held for the youth by ruling Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) on Sunday night, President Yameen stated that should he be elected for a second presidential term, he will focus on developing and increase job opportunity to the youth of the Maldives. He added that this will extend a life of value and dedication to the young adults of Maldives.

With claims to have introduced 98,000 job opportunities within his five years of presidency, President Yameen further pledged to introduce 70,000 more job opportunities should he win the upcoming elections. He elaborated on the specifics of his pledge by pointing out the 30,000 job opportunities to be introduced, pertaining to the projects that will be carried out at the five new lagoons pending to be opened soon.

"Come aboard, Maldivian Youth! This journey with me will be a hopeful voyage filled with happiness and delight. This will be a voyage like no other!" said Yameen while speaking to the youth present at the ceremony.

Additionally, President Yameen highlighted that the opposition coalition as having failed to provide opportunities for the youth of this country. He pointed out the many developments and opportunities he had provided during his five years in power, and encouragingly professed the opportunities he provides as having the potential to equip young adults with 'wings to fly to the stratosphere!'

President Yameen also mentioned the lack of discrimination within his administration and highlighted that he extended job opportunities to people with disabilities as well. He credited the first lady of the Maldives, Fathmath Ibrahim, for taking the initiative and pursuing this cause relentlessly.

"Just because an individual is wheelchair-ridden, or because they are autistic does not mean they should be ostracized from society. Our government was the first to take initiative and provide opportunities for these people", said President Yameen.

He segued his speech by comparing his government to the previous Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)-ruled government, claiming the current government has done six times more effective a job in the development of the country.

President Yameen further criticized the opposition as being dependent on external entities for the development of Maldives, and as a result, more opportunities being lost for Maldivians in an opposition-ruled government.