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MDA Council member endorses Ibu

Nafaahath Ibrahim
20 August 2018, MVT 14:50
Mamdhooha with presidential candidate Ibu. PHOTO: SOCIAL MEDIA
Nafaahath Ibrahim
20 August 2018, MVT 14:50

Council member of Maldives Development Alliance (MDA) Aishath Mamdhoohaa, has decided to offer her endorsement to opposition candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu) in this year's Presidential Election, despite the party being in alliance with ruling Progressive Party of Maldives.

Until joining MDA in 2015, Mamdhoohaa had previously part of the main opposition, Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

Prior to uploading a photograph taken alongside Ibu to her Facebook profile, she had expressed in an earlier post that, even if she does not get to work under any party, she would not violate the rights of so many people.

She had been expressing continuous disapproval against various government policies before announcing her decision to support Ibu.

Mamdhooha stated to local media Mihaaru, that her decision to support Ibu instead of President Yameen came following many obstacles that stood against a free and fair election.

She also said that due to all of these issues, she is highly doubtful that an independent election could be held in the Maldives, this year.

Noting that the decision to support Ibu is solely hers, she said that she was not concerned about any steps MDA may take, in response to her announcement.

"Regardless of if they choose to take any action against me, I would still support Ibu", she added.

Mamdhoohaa's decision comes amid persistently circulating rumours that suggest the relationship between President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom and MDA's leader Ahmed Siyaam, may be amiss.

In response, President Yameen recently made a public declaration stating that the MDA still stood in allegiance with PPM.