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Maldivian insurgents detained by Syrian Police

Lujine Rasheed
19 August 2018, MVT 21:16
Insurgents from the Maldives pictured in Syria-
Lujine Rasheed
19 August 2018, MVT 21:16

A band of Maldivians actively participating in the Syrian civil war, have been detained by the Syrian Police under the current regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Amidst the operations carried out this August by Bashar's 'Free Syrian Army', a total number of 650 combatants surrendered themselves to Syrian Police. Further combatants were detained due to their lack of co-operation in handing over of their weapons.

In a statement given to local news media 'Mihaaru', the appointed local mouthpiece investigating the Maldivians in Syria stated an estimate of 5-10 Maldivians among the combatants that were detained by the Syrian Police.

As reported by the government, the number of people who have fled to Syria for war is nearing 50. However, according to international observers and opposing parties, the number of people who have fled Maldives for war is close to 250.

There is an increasing number of Maldivians who flee to other countries in alliance with terrorist groups such as the 'Islamic State' and 'Tahrir al-Sham'.

Adjacent to the battles against the Syrian government by 'Tahrir-al-Sham' and 'IS', these two groups have on-going battles between them as well.

Additionally, the battle has extended to subsist between the Maldivians who fled to Syria as well. In this regard, a band of Maldivians belonging to 'Tahrir al-Sham' held another Maldivian hostage and carried out his execution by beheading.

The victim belonging to 'IS' was killed in July 2018. He has been identified as Ahmed Zubair (Zubba), who was a member of the religious extremist group, 'Dot Com', that previously existed in Male.