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Maldivians in Trivandrum relocated to safety

Nafaahath Ibrahim
16 August 2018, MVT 22:35
Trivandrum floods. PHOTO: MIHAARU
Nafaahath Ibrahim
16 August 2018, MVT 22:35

According to the Consulate of Maldives in Trivandrum, sixteen Maldivians affected by the flooding in the area have been safely relocated.

Deputy Consulate at Embassy of Maldives in India, Jaadhulla Hussain Thufeeq said that the houses in Cosmo Hospital were affected the most. Due to the river nearby overflowing, surrounding houses had suffered water levels up to four feet.

Jadhulla stated that 16 of the 36 affected people were transferred to hotels, while the remaining nine have returned to Maldives.

He noted that Maldivians frequently rent the buildings near the river bank during the trips seeking medication.

While no Maldivian has been injured, since the rain began on August 9, the death toll has risen up to a total of 75 people.