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Island Aviation announces new check-in terminals

14 August 2018, MVT 21:20
14 August 2018, MVT 21:20

Island Aviation has revealed today that it will be possible to check in to ‘Maldivian’ flights from the bus terminals developed by Maldives Ports Limited (MPL).

Abdul Haris, Managing Director of the state-owned company Maldivian, has declared that once MPL establishes the public bus transportation mechanism, people will be able to check in through the terminals in male’ and hulhumale’.

Haris had also disclosed that the check-in possibilities included that of both domestic and international flights.

According to an official from MPL, two coach buses have been imported into the country and that another 5 buses will arrive at the end of the month.

MPL states that 6 coach buses will be utilized between Male and Hulhumale, for passengers needing to make the journey for their flights, after checking-in at the terminals.