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Ibu pledges to increase state allowance for elderly citizens

08 August 2018, MVT 17:46
Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu) speaking at a campaign gathering during his trip to Laamu Atoll. PHOTO: MDP Media
08 August 2018, MVT 17:46

The Opposition's Presidential Candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solid (Ibu) states that the coalition will work on increasing the allowance given by the state to elderly citizens over the age of 65.

While speaking at a campaign event held at Gan, Laamu Atoll, Ibu assured that the allowance will not be decreased.

Currently, citizens over the age of 65 are given an allowance of MVR 5000 per month.

Ibu’s declaration comes after President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom's recent pledge to increase the allowance of the elderly. The President had also recently criticized Ibu of pledging what his administration has already accomplished.

During the ceremony, Ibu reiterated the pledges he has made.

Ibu’s Pledges:

· To develop urban cities through Southern and Northern Atolls

· To develop social housing on Islands with sufficient land mass and to lease land for tourism

· Financing long-term loans to develop unfinished housing projects

· Deriving benefits from international travel through the sea between Laamu and Gaafu Atoll

· Not to take any actions that threaten security of Indian Ocean

“We have many things to consider as we carry this out. We cannot undertake any actions that hinder the security of the Indian Ocean, nor will we bring about any actions that impede the sovereignty and independence of the nation”

In his campaign visit to the Laamu Atoll, Ibu is set to visit additional islands within Laamu Atoll. He has visited over 6 islands during this trip.