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Zakat fund to aid self financed students

Lujine Rasheed
06 August 2018, MVT 18:31
Higher Studies scholarships
Lujine Rasheed
06 August 2018, MVT 18:31

Zakat Fund of Maldives, on Sunday, made revisions to the their scholarship regulations to extend financial aid for self financed student pursuing higher studies.

The amendment to the scholarship regulations extends financial aid for students who are studying both locally and overseas. The aid will be granted to students after evaluation by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs.

Prior to the revision, the fund's scholarship regulations only granted aid to students with government scholarships in programs approved by the Islamic ministry.

The Ministry, earlier, had a list of select countries to which the scholarships were awarded. However, with the recent revision, students pursuing any program in any country are eligible to apply for the scholarship program.

A total of 73 scholarships are scheduled to be awarded by the Islamic ministry in 2018. Within a budget of MVR10 million, the scholarships opened for applications in June 2018.

Aided by the Zakat Fund scholarships, students are afforded the opportunity to study throughout the Asian region, including at Al-Azhar university.