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Over 357 attend MAHRP hosted Ron Kaufman 'Service Training'

05 August 2018, MVT 16:16
Over 357 attend MAHRP hosted Ron Kaufman 'Service Training'. PHOTO/MAHRP
05 August 2018, MVT 16:16

The exclusive 'Service Training' event held by the Maldives Association of Human Resource Professionals (MAHRP) on Saturday with one of the world’s leading customer experience consultants, Ron Kaufman, was attended by over 357 participants.

Sponsored by local telecom giant and digital service provider Dhiraagu, the one-day training programme titled ‘Secrets of Achieving Superior Service Excellence’, took place in the main auditorium of the Maldives National University.

The event garnered an audience of 357 representatives from over 87 companies operating in the Maldives.

World’s leading customer experience consultant Ron Kaufman grets attendees at the event. PHOTO: MAHRP

During the event, Ron shared powerful insights on achieving sustainable competitive advantages through uplifting service, which has delivered notable business results in many major companies around the world.

His vast experience and scope with customer service across a range of businesses, from government agencies to world-class multinational companies including Singapore Airlines, Changi International Airport, Xerox, Marina Bay Sands, Wipro, Singtel, American Express, HP and Nokia were also shared as part of this learning experience.

Attendees sit with the world’s leading customer experience consultant Ron Kaufman at MAHRP's Service Training session. PHOTO: MAHRP

According to MAHRP, the key learning points discussed in the event included how to’s on exceeding rising customer expectations, standing out with an excellent service mindset, climbing stairs to reach unbelievable levels of service, managing customer expectations, appreciating the value of customer complaints, bouncing back with effective service recovery, shifting from blame and shame to taking personal responsibility and finally, seeing the world from a customer point of view.

Over 357 attend MAHRP hosted Ron Kaufman 'Service Training'. PHOTO: MAHRP

“It was a privilege to have this event with MAHRP and to add value to Maldives as a nation. I look for many visits and seeing the country grow and develop,” Kaufman said.

Inaugurated in February, MAHRP is the first association dedicated to human resources and people development registered in the Maldives.

MAHRP President Hussain Afeef, who serves as the Regional Director of Training, Development and Quality Assurance at LUX* Resorts speaks at the event. PHOTO: MAHRP

“We are humbled by the positive response. Our event was sold out 10 days before the event, and even on the event day, we received requests for seats. Special thanks to all our participants as we all made it happen and most importantly, our main event partner Dhiraagu was amazing," said MAHRP's President Hussain Afeef, further thanking the event’s sponsors and partners, Allied Insurance, Pro light Photography, Metal Signs, Print Lab, Salsa Royal and Event Maldives for their support in making the event a success.

The association’s mission is to serve the needs of HR professionals by providing the most current and comprehensive resources, and to advance the profession by promoting HR’s essential values, setting professional standards and providing the know-how.

MAHRP has continually expressed its commitment to linking and connecting HR professionals and practitioners locally and overseas through signature events and membership activities.