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Yellow alert issued to southern region of Maldives

Lujine Rasheed
24 July 2018, MVT 14:28
Lujine Rasheed
24 July 2018, MVT 14:28

A yellow alert has been issued to the southern atolls due to the current extreme weather conditions affecting the Maldives.

The alert has been attributed to the heavy rainfall being experienced across the region of Huvadu and Addu atolls.

According to the Maldives' Meteorological Center (MET), the yellow alert was issued on Tuesday from 10:15 am to 03:00 pm.

Furthermore, a white alert has been issued from the central atolls towards the southern region because of approaching heavy rainstorms and thunderstorms expected to affect these areas.

Additionally, MET states that southern seas are expected to be moderate but rough during showers and that some islands are expected to experience sea swells as well.

The southern atolls are expected to experience west to northwesterly winds of 17-7 miles per hour with other areas experiencing winds of 23-13 miles per hour.