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Club Teenage exits Neymar Jr’s Five finals, heads held high

23 July 2018, MVT 18:31
Club Teenage represented Maldives at the World Finals of Neymar Jr’s Five held last weekend at Praia Grande, Brazil. PHOTO: IBRAHIM MAFAZ/RED BULL MALDIVES
23 July 2018, MVT 18:31

Local football team Club Teenage made their way through to the round of 32 in the largest futsal tournament in the world, exhibiting remarkable results and leaving the nation full of pride.

At the World Finals of Neymar Jr’s Five held on the 20th and 21st of this month at Praia Grande, Brazil, after a tough round of matches at the group stage of the tournament, Maldives made its way through to the round of 32.

When asked about this year's experience, the boys replied, “This year’s tournament was amazing as usual. We believe that the experience can never be the same. It was so much more different since the participating teams are always different - the new people we met from all around the world made it a very memorable experience for us. We were very fortunate and lucky to have gotten a second chance to represent Maldives and compete again.”

Although Maldives lost against Switzerland 5:0 in the knockout stage, Club Teenage played an exceptional game and remains extremely positive about doing a much better job this year, having the chance to compete with some of the best teams in the world.

Futsal teams hold up their national flags for a group photo at the World Finals of Neymar Jr’s Five held last weekend at Praia Grande, Brazil. PHOTO: MARCELO MARAANI/RED BULL CONTENT POOL

“As always, it felt great to go to the second round with better results in the group stage than last year. We do believe that we could have achieved a better result with Switzerland, but we faced some difficulties due to the cold weather. Either way, it’s a win for us as a team.”

The third edition of Neymar Jr’s Five will be back again in the Maldives next year, with even more qualifiers throughout the country, starting January 2018.

Out of the 59 countries that battled it out at Neymar Jr’s Five, Mexico won the title as this year’s World Champions.