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JP declares Faisal Naseem running mate for Opposition Coalition

Rae Munavvar
13 July 2018, MVT 23:56
Rae Munavvar
13 July 2018, MVT 23:56

Jumhooree Party has declared parliamentary representative for Kashidhoo constituency Faisal Naseem as their running mate in the Opposition Coalition alongside MDP candidate and parliamentary group leader Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu) to contest in the upcoming presidential elections this year.

The announcement was made following a vote at the Juhmhooree Party council meeting held Friday night.

MP Naseem was elected running mate by 15 votes in a tight race, with a difference of only a single vote between himself and Kendhoo MP Ali Hussein, who recieved a total of 14 votes.

In a press conference held after his election, MP Naseem said that the party's journey was a long one, and that in order to achieve success, everyone was required to roll up their sleeves and get to work. He also vowed that should the coalition get voted to office during the upcoming presidential elections, that he would not discriminate against any citizen.

MP Naseem noted that throughout his tenure as a pariliamentary member, he was afforded the most help from his opponent during the vote for running mate held tonight, MP Ali Hussein.

In his congratulations to the coalitions newly elected running mate, MP Ali Hussein described the events of the night as a model of democracy at its finest, stating his firm allegiance with MP Naseem and assuring that he was ready to work hard to guarantee the success of the coaltion's presidential bid.

MP Ali Hussain added that the night's election had been a monumental step and that the path forward would be determined by all four opposition leaders. He said that the purpose remained to be to win the election and topple the current government led by President Yameen Abdul Gayoom.

Four candidates competiting the mini-election to be the running mate in the coalition's presidential bid, including the MP for Kendhoo constituency Ali Hussain, JP's Deputy Leader Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan and the former Minister at the President's Office, Abdulla Ameen.

The final candidate was determined by a secret ballot vote taken at the council meeting. Dr. Hussein Rasheed Hassan recieved two votes whereas Abdulla Ameen had nine votes.

Meanwhile, MDP presidential candidate representing the coalition Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu) commenced the first leg of his campaign at Addu on Friday, with plans to continue on to Fuvahmulah by Saturday.