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Over half of Maldives population will be in Male by 2054: report

Nafaahath Ibrahim
12 July 2018, MVT 13:49
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Nafaahath Ibrahim
12 July 2018, MVT 13:49

The Maldivian census report has revealed that by the year 2054, more than half of the resident population will be living in capital Male.

According to the report by National Bureau of Statistics released on the occasion of World Population Day, currently 38 percent of the population resides in Male, which by 2054 would increase to 54 percent. Due to various reasons, many of the larger atolls will lose close to one-third of their inhabitants, according to the report.

The latest census states that the Maldivian population is over 340,000, out of which 153,379 live in Male.

The report also states that the population is increasing annually, and estimating that the number would be close to one million after a period of 40 years, with a greater fraction aged between 18 to 35 years.

Additionally, projections state that life expectancy will be higher by 2054, but that there would be fewer children. The population of children is estimated to increase initially until 2030, reaching 17 percent, before beginning to decline afterwards.

The population as a whole is expected to age due to longer life expectancy, and the report stated that there would be more retirees in the coming years. The report adds that there will be twice as more retirees as today, meaning that the working population would require more income options, quality health, education and relevant skills.

The most recent census taken in Maldives was in 2014.