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Two picnic islands to be reclaimed in Galufalhu Lagoon for locals

Rae Munavvar
12 July 2018, MVT 09:14
A stunning lagoon formation found in the Maldives, it is natural state. PHOTO: STOCK
Rae Munavvar
12 July 2018, MVT 09:14

Plans for the reclamation and development of two artificial islands in Galufalhu Lagoon, to be dedicated for recreational use by locals have been confirmed by the Maldives Intergrated Tourism Development Corporation (IMTDC).

According to IMTDC’s Managing Director Mohamed Shahid, approximately 50 million Rufiyaa would be spent in reclaiming and developing 7 hectares of land needed to create the two islands.

“Our estimates indicate that the reclamation work would be completed within a month. We plan to wrap up the entire project within 6 months”, said Shahid.

The company stated that the two islands would offer rooms for daily rent, waterspouts facilities, a restaurant and bbq area available at discounted prices for locals.

Shahid confirmed that the reclamation project would be awarded to a management company within the month.

The development of Galufalhu lagoon, reachable by boat within 15 minutes from Male’, comes after the development of Kuda Bandos as a resort property now known as Malahini Resort.

Kuda Bandos was previously a favourite picnic spot among locals from the greater Male’ region, the loss of which meant that residents experienced a lack of opportunity to travel outside city areas for lower prices, at a greater convenience.

Upon the development of Kuda Bandos, the government at the time had assured that an island would be dedicated for local use, particularly the residents of Male’ - a matter that had not been addressed until now.

In addition to Kuda Bandos, the island of Feydhoo Finolhu that lies neighbouring Galufalhu, was previously used itself as a local picnic spot and is also currently being developed as a tourist resort.