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President Yameen vows to increase allowances for children with special needs

Nafaahath Ibrahim
11 July 2018, MVT 16:13
President Yamin visits Meemu atoll Kolhufusi Island. PHOTO: PRESIDENTS OFFICE
Nafaahath Ibrahim
11 July 2018, MVT 16:13

President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom has vowed to increase the monthly allowance allocated for children with special needs, up to MVR 5,000 if he is elected for another term.

During his official trip to Meemu Atoll for his presidential campaign this month, Yameen said that considering the population of Maldives, there is a considerable number of children with special needs in the islands. He pledged to provide more opportunities for such children if he were re-elected.

Under the name "Gaabil", which translates to "capable", a special project will help such youngsters to find employment as well. Additionally, arrangements will be made to provide loans for their needs.

Currently, the state provides an allowance of MVR 2,000 to children with special needs.

Religiously conservative Adhaalath Party's MP Anaara Naeem had previously presented amendments to the parliament, seeking to increase the allocated allowance for these children. However, the amendment bill had been later dismissed from the parliament.

President Yameen noted that it was only in his presidency that children with special needs were given employment opportunities.