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Main opposition again boycotts national advisory committee

Shaina Abdulla
04 July 2018, MVT 15:25
Elections commission (EC) meets political parties regarding the upcoming presidential elections 2018
Shaina Abdulla
04 July 2018, MVT 15:25

Main opposition Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has again boycotted the Elections Commission (EC)’s national advisory committee meeting.

MDP had stated that the party was boycotting the national advisory committee as EC had refused to resolve the complaints lodged regarding the voters' list.

The opposition mainly expressed concern over the exclusion of national identification card number numbers in the publicized voters' list. However, the commission had not resolved the issue.

MDP chairperson's deputy Ali Niyaz stated that the voters' list lacks legitimacy due to the absence of identity card numbers. The party had thus boycotted the national advisory committee's sitting.

Earlier, MDP boycotted the national advisory committee meeting for the upcoming presidential elections raising concerns over the electoral watchdog ignoring repeated requests to facilitate the party's campaign for the elections.

The government had meanwhile congratulated parliamentary group leader, Ibrahim "Ibu" Mohamed Solih, on his nomination as the opposition alliance's presidential candidate and encouraged the opposition to be present at EC’s national advisory committee meeting and co-operate with the electoral watchdog.