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Zahir releases ‘Addu Radhun’ , a historic account of United Suvadive Republic

Nafaahath Ibrahim
24 June 2018, MVT 11:38
Ahmed Zahir's granddaughters releasing his third book "Addu Radhun". PHOTO/ NISHAN ALI/ MIHAARU
Nafaahath Ibrahim
24 June 2018, MVT 11:38

Ahmed Zahir, popularly known as Seena Zahir, has released a self-authored book based on a special interview with the only 'President' of the breakaway nation, United Suvadive Republic.

The book, "Addu Radhun" (Addu King), narrates the infamous story of the southern separatist movement from the eyes of its leader, Abdulla Afeef.

To this day, the southern nationalist is fondly remembered by the people of the south as "our Afeef".

In 1963, after "handing over" Addu to the government following the demise of the Suvadive Islands, Afeef and his immediate family were moved to Seychelles under the British protection, where he lived until his passing in 1993.

Assistant Director of Tourism and Foreign Investments at the time, Zahir visited Seychelles and interviewed Afeef in 1980. The six-hour interview was then broken up into parts and published in the local newspaper "Hafthaa".

The 175-page book combines all of Zahir's previous publications pertaining to the subject and includes rare photographs from Afeef's time in Addu.

Describing the aim of this book as bringing to light Afeef's side of the story, he added that the incidents were written exactly as Afeef had reiterated.

Whilst discussing the title of the book, "Addu Radhun" Zahir said that he chose to use the word 'Radhun' (the dhivehi term for a ruling monarch), because during Afeef's rule, his actions resembled that of a king rather than a president.

During a special ceremony held at the National Art Gallery on June 21, the book was presented by Zahir's two young granddaughters.

The book is currently available for purchase from Asrafee Bookshop, retailing at a price of MVR 150.

During former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom's reign, Zahir served the government in various important capacities, including as Minister of Justice and as the Speaker of the People's Majlis (parliament).

'Addu Radhun' is Zahir's third publication, having previously published two other books, one detailing the 30-year rule of President Maumoon while the other is set in Saudi Arabia.