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Jumhoory Party changes party flag and logo

Nafaahath Ibrahim
12 June 2018, MVT 22:48
Jumhoory Party and MUO gathering at main hub Kunoozu. PHOTO/ HUSSAIN WAHEED / MIHAARU
Nafaahath Ibrahim
12 June 2018, MVT 22:48

Jumhoory Party (JP) has changed their flag and logo after Elections Commission (EC) prohibited them from using the current flag and logo.

In July 2017, EC asked JP to stop using their logo, stating that it resembles the Maldivian Presidential flag.

Although JP had taken the issue to court, it was dismissed. EC had later prohibited JP from using the logo.

EC member Ahmed Akram said that they have granted permission to use the new party logo and flag submitted by JP on Monday. However, the new logo and flag has not been publicly revealed yet.

Additionally, EC had given permission to get the proposed logo and flag approved by their charter.

JP is having the party's congress in Paradise Island Resort at the end of June.

Akram added that EC had given permission to use the logo and flag until it gets approved by the party congress.

The current logo and flag for JP has been in use since it's approval by party's congress and EC in 2008.

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