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Ex-DCP Saudhee appointed as deputy youth minister

Fathmath Shaahunaz
04 June 2018, MVT 11:14
Ahmed Saudhee: the former Deputy Commissioner of Police has been appointed as the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports. PHOTO/POLICE
Fathmath Shaahunaz
04 June 2018, MVT 11:14

The former Deputy Commissioner of Police, Ahmed Saudhee, was appointed Sunday as deputy minister to the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The ministry has confirmed his appointment while the President's Office is yet to make an official statement.

Saudhee had been promoted to Commissioner of Police after his predecessor, Ahmed Areef, was terminated in the wake of the Supreme Court's landmark order on February 1 to release political prisoners. However Saudhee was also dismissed soon after his promotion.

The President's Office recently made a number of changes to the youth ministry. Former police commissioner Hussain Waheed was shifted from state minister at the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure to the youth ministry, while Naaif Shaukath was shifted from deputy minister at Youth to the housing ministry. Hence Saudhee is currently the only deputy minister at the youth ministry.