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Police order Raajje TV to halt Nasheed-centric broadcasts

Nafaahath Ibrahim
30 May 2018, MVT 20:48
Police officers in Raajje Tv. PHOTO/RAAJJETV
Nafaahath Ibrahim
30 May 2018, MVT 20:48

The police on Wednesday ordered local media house Raajje TV to halt and refrain from broadcasting any content of former President Mohamed Nasheed.

As per a senior official of Raajje TV, three plain-clothes police officers arrived at the station and instructed to stop broadcasting content featuring Nasheed, without any warrantys. When inquired as to under which law the station was being informed this, the officers stated that it was under the Maldives Prison and Parole Act.

In addition, Raajje TV tweeted on Wednesda, a screenshot of a message sent to the media house's CEO Hussain Fiyaz from a members of Maldives Broadcasting Commission, asking to stop the station's live coverage. The message further stated that the station was broadcasting unlawful content.

While Raajje TV has been ordered to ban content of Nasheed, Ministry of Home Affairs and the Broadcasting Commission have released statements, warning against the broadcasting and publishing of content from convicts and those arrested under criminal allegations.

Former President Nasheed is currently sentenced to 13 years in jail under terrorism charges, from which he had fled and is now living in the United Kingdom under political asylum.