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Adidas makes shoes from plastic waste found in Maldives

Mohamed Visham
04 August 2016, MVT 09:14
Parley presents pair of handmade shoes, made from plastic waste collected in the Maldives, to President Yameen on Wednesday. PHOTO/PRESIDENT'S OFFICE
Mohamed Visham
04 August 2016, MVT 09:14

Environmental organization Parley on Wednesday presented President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom with a pair of handmade shoes, out of the first 100 handmade shoes produced in collaboration with Adidas.

The shoes are made from Parley Ocean Plastic, which is collected in coastal areas in the Maldives, as part of Parley’s project to raise awareness for the protection of oceans.

The pair was presented by founding member of Parley Cyrill Gutsch, and founding member of local NGO Biodiversity Education and Awareness Maldives, Shahina Ali.

Adidas partnered with Parley for the Oceans, a nonprofit that fights ocean plastic waste, to develop the shoe. Part of the upper is made from plastic bottles, bags, and other plastic that commonly ends up in the water. Because plastic degrades quickly in the ocean—turning into tiny particles that are hard to collect—most of the plastic was gathered on beaches.

Over five million plastic bottles have been collected from Maldivian beaches, and shipped to Adidas as Parley Ocean Plastic.

"President Yameen congratulated Parley in its successful endeavour, and welcomed the Maldives’ contribution to this important environmental initiative," President's Office said in a statement.


Adidas now plans to scale up the use of ocean plastic in other products, beginning with a large footwear line this fall, and following that with apparel, such as football jerseys, in 2017.