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Ex-home minister Umar Naseer vows MVR 3 billion for housing per year

Nafaahath Ibrahim
08 May 2018, MVT 12:59
Umar Naseer Joins Jumhoory Party / Opposition
Nafaahath Ibrahim
08 May 2018, MVT 12:59

Former Minister of Home Affairs Umar Naseer, who had declared candidacy for the presidential elections this year, vowed that he would allocate MVR 3 billion per year for housing if elected.

Although he had only recently joined Jumhoory Party of the opposition coalition, he had announced candidacy earlier, saying that the coalition has failed to announce one.

His first pledge "Heyo Hiya", promising housing, was announced on social media. He noted that though the government had projects aimed at resolving social housing issues, it was done in a business manner. He promised that in his government, it would be financed from the state budget.

Umar further stated that for the new flats to be developed in his government, the set monthly lease would be 25 percent of the tenant's salary, and no advance payments would be taken.

Addressing the current situation, Umar noted that people live in very congested circumstances, and those who come to capital Male' from the islands have to pay more than 200 percent of their income for rent.

Umar added that, in his government, the reclaimed suburb of Hulhumale will be managed directly under the government instead of Housing Development Corporation (HDC).

While Umar and former President Mohamed Nasheed has announced candidacy, the opposition coalition has been claiming that they would nominate a single candidate, who will emerge when the time is right.