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Arrested ex-pres Maumoon in poor health: family

07 May 2018, MVT 16:11
Maumoon summoned to court
07 May 2018, MVT 16:11

The detained former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom was in poor health, claimed his family on Wednesday.

Maumoon was arrested under the state of emergency declared after the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling on February 1, under accusations of bribery and attempting to stage a coup. He has been charged with terrorism and remanded until the end of his trial.

His daughter Yumna Maumoon stated in a concerned tweet that she had heard from her mother, the former First Lady Nasreena Ibrahim, that Maumoon was “not doing well”. However she did not disclose his ailing.

The former president had previously requested the Criminal Court to shift him to house arrest due to his poor health. The judge had declined his request, noting that Maumoon was provided special benefits unlike other detainees, including his meals and time outside of his prison cell.

The second hearing of Maumoon’s was terrorism trial was slated for early Thursday but was cancelled. The state has also indicted him for obstruction of justice.