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Maldives doctors clean capital city of over 1.7 tonnes in litter

Shaina Abdulla
15 April 2018, MVT 09:32
Doctor's Day run and clean up -- PHOTO: MALDIVES MEDICAL ASSOCIATION
Shaina Abdulla
15 April 2018, MVT 09:32

Doctors in the capital city Male collected over 1.7 tonnes in garbage on the streets during their Doctor’s Day run Friday.

With the participation of over 70 doctors, the run commenced at 5:45am. Doctors ran a total of 5 kilometres along the outer ring road in Male "Boduthakurufaanu Magu", collecting litter along the way.

The tonnes of garbage collected was handed over to the waste management corporation.

President of the Maldives Medical Association, Dr Ali Shahid stated that the purpose of the run was for doctors to practice what they advocate about the importance of exercise.

Maldives Doctors Day is marked on April 18 of every year to celebrate the commencement of the country’s first local doctor practice.

It was the first “plogging” event hosted in the Maldives. Plogging is a Swedish activity combined of jogging and picking up litter.