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VP affirms civil servants duty to serve 'any administration in office at the time'

Farah Ahmed
14 April 2018, MVT 22:35
Vice President Abdullah Jihad speaking giving the inaugural speech at the Civil Service Conference 2018, held at Dharubaaruge, Male on April 14, 2018 / MIHAARU PHOTO
Farah Ahmed
14 April 2018, MVT 22:35

The civil servants’ duty is to enhance the work of any administration that is in office at the time and to help it in serving the public, Vice President Abdullah Jihad said Saturday.

He had also warned action against civil servants who actively disrupt the work environment, stating that this is "unacceptable".

Speaking at the inauguration of the Civil Service Conference 2018, the Vice President said that there would be people of different ideologies in any work place and that we must accept that and look past it, to ensure that duties are carried out most effectively. He added that civil servants must now allow these differences to hinder any of its work.

Acknowledging that there were challenges in providing public services in Maldives due the country's geography, Jihad called the civil servants to become apt in the utilising modern technologies stating that it would enable them to cater to the needs of the public, and be in line with development.

Highlighting setbacks faced by the public, the Vice President emphasised the importance of formulating a policy to recruit employees based on their competency and capability. He also underlined that this was one of the major themes to be addressed at this year’s Civil Service Conference.

The conference, with over 180 participants from various companies in Maldives, is due to conclude Sunday.