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MNU to offer MBBS course in July

Nafaahath Ibrahim
12 April 2018, MVT 13:31
Nafaahath Ibrahim
12 April 2018, MVT 13:31

Maldives National University (MNU) has introduced Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in Maldives for the first time.

According to the statement by the MNU it has 50 slots and that it will start accepting applications from April 22, till June 14. Admission requirements include minimum three passes from GCE A Levels and a minimum of five passes from GCE O' Levels. Applicants also require a pass from Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics and English.

The course will have 10 semesters, including one year of internship, and the total duration of the course is five years.

The course will be conducted in the new medical school established in MNU with aid from the Pakistan government.

Classes will be conducted in the new Dharumavantha building. All the necessary equipments and machinery has also been imported to Maldives now, the national university revealed.

Until Dharumavantha Hospital officially opens, classes will be conducted in MNU.

Department of higher education has opened loan opportunities for 50 medical students and applications will be accepted until April 15.

MNU added that they will be announcing further details related to the course, including details of course fees in the coming week.