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Smoking Cessation Clinic opens for smokers looking to quit

08 April 2018, MVT 16:24
The Smoking Cessation Clinic at IGMH
08 April 2018, MVT 16:24

The Smoking Cessation Clinic operated at the state-run Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) began its services Sunday.

The clinic aims to help smokers overcome the habit, as well as raise awareness about the effects of smoking, to people visiting the hospital and its patients.

The head nurse of IGMH’s respiratory department Fathmath Lucy said that the clinic has begun counselling people who want to stop smoking, and that it is also seeing patients with other smoking-related health problems.

“If counselling proves to be ineffective in a patient, we’ll move on to nicotine replacement including patches and gum. Aasandha covers the treatment too,” nurse Lucy said.

The Smoking Cessation Clinic is open from 1pm – 3pm every day, except Fridays. A doctor is also supposed to rotate in the clinic three days a week.