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Sudden death of young girl shocks Guraidhoo

Fathmath Shaahunaz
05 April 2018, MVT 11:28
Mariyam Raya Ramiz, 14, of K. Guraidhoo: she suddenly passed away while she was in India with her family.
Fathmath Shaahunaz
05 April 2018, MVT 11:28

A young girl of Kaafu Atoll’s Guraidhoo suddenly passed away in India in the early hours of Tuesday.

Mariyam Raya Ramiz, 14, had gone to India with her family over the recent school break to seek medical treatment for persistent aches and pain.

According to a close friend of Raya, the family was scheduled to return to the Maldives on Wednesday. However she was rushed to the hospital at dawn on Tuesday over sudden difficulty in breathing. She passed away en route.

Her sudden death came as a shock to the whole community of Guraidhoo. The island’s school, where Raya studied at, expressed condolences on social media, while her friend also noted that Raya had been a studious and outgoing student beloved by everyone.

“She had not been sick before. It was very recently that she mentioned having aches and pain.”

Raya’s funeral was held in India late on Wednesday night.