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Raajje TV under fire for broadcasting Nasheed interview

Nafaahath Ibrahim
30 March 2018, MVT 23:47
Former President Mohamed Nasheed pictured at the airport in Sri Lanka. PHOTO/TWITTER
Nafaahath Ibrahim
30 March 2018, MVT 23:47

The Maldives Broadcasting Commission is investigating local news channel Raajje TV in relation to an interview given by former President Mohamed Nasheed following the Supreme Court’s verdict on February 1 that ordered the release of several political prisoners and reinstated unseated lawmakers.

According to a source, a member of Maldives Broadcasting Commission has submitted the issue and it is currently under investigation.

During the broadcasted program, Nasheed addressed the issue of the state refusing to comply with the top court's orders.

Raajje TV CEO Hussain Fiyaz accused the commission of trying to instigate more action against Raajje TV, adding that the integrity of the broadcasting commission members is questionable for doing so.

Cases against the local channel were previously investigated and harsh actions have been implemented against them on several occasions.