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Ex-pres Maumoon, top court judges charged with terrorism

Nafaahath Ibrahim
21 March 2018, MVT 11:42
L-R: Judge Ali Hameed, former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, Judicial Administrator Hassan Saeed, Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed. IMAGE/MIHAARU
Nafaahath Ibrahim
21 March 2018, MVT 11:42

The state has charged former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, his son MP Faris Maumoon, his son-in-law Ahmed Nadeem, Supreme Court's Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed and Judge Ali Hameed, former Commissioner of Police Ahmed Areef, MP Abdulla Sinaan, MP Abdulla Riyaz and MP Ilham Ahmed with terrorism.

According to a statement by the Prosecutor General's Office, the investigation into the alleged coup in February uncovered that the Supreme Court's ruling to release nine political prisoners and reinstate 12 parliamentarians was issued under the influence of the accused individuals in this case. The PG claimed that the alleged coup had been planned in advance, and that there was evidence of several money exchanges that had taken place.

Apart from terrorism charges, Judge Ali Hameed has been accused of accepting bribery, similar to Chief Judicial Administrator Hassan Saeed, who is also accused of obstructing the law. Opposition Jumhoory Party leader Qasim Ibrahim’s son Siyad Qasim is accused of bribery as well.

For investigations and evidence for the case, Maumoon and the two judges were asked to hand in their mobile phones. They did not comply and were subsequently charged with attempting to obstruct justice.

Chief Justice Saeed was charged with attempting to obstruct the functioning of the state after he instructed the employees of the top court to disconnect the court's state e-letter management system following its unprecedented order on February 1.

The PG Office highlighted several serious issues for this case. They noted the discovery of MVR 350,000 and USD 3,300, and a letter from the Managing Director of Villa Shipping and Trading Ibrahim Siyad after searching Hassan Saeed’s residence. According to PG, the letter provides evidence of a payment of USD 2.4 million given by the accused in this case, to buy “profits” from abroad. Those who would gain these profits include Chief Justice Saeed, Judge Ali Hameed’s son Ahmed Misfiru and the ex-wife of chief judicial administrator Hassan Saeed, Aishath Hana, according to the investigations.

The signature in the letter was confirmed to be Siyad’s signature and his finger prints were discovered on the letter during the forensic investigation. In addition, a picture of the letter and a note containing the information in the letter were allegedly found in Siyad’s phone.

The PG added that they have gained evidence proving that the accused have influenced the work of the judges to end cases in their favour, and of parliamentarians having accepted bribes as well.

The PG claimed that the accused have changed the operations of the police through former CP Areef even before the SC ruling on February 1. Areef had allegedly brought major changes to those on duty for that night and attempted to overthrow the peace of the country.