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Protestors arrested during Saturday's protest, released

Farah Ahmed
19 March 2018, MVT 01:36
Members of the opposition leadership and activists, after being released from police custody after being detained for 15-hours --
Farah Ahmed
19 March 2018, MVT 01:36

The Police Sunday released all the protestors who were arrest from Saturday night’s opposition rally.

Lawyer and former President Mohamed Nasheed’s brother Nazim Sattar, and several prominent members of the opposition leadership were released from police custody Saturday evening.

According to the police, 15 individuals were detained Saturday night, and they were freed after 15-hours.

After being released, Nazim said that he was not taken to the court to be remanded, and that the police had told him that he was arrested for obstructing the duty of law enforcement officers.

The opposition’s protest, dubbed ‘Huttuvaa’ (local term for “stop”), began after President Abdulla Yameen declared a state of emergency February 5.

During the protests over the weekend, over 150 civilians were arrested from the rallies. However, the police said that the majority of the people arrested has now been released, except for five people.

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