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World free diving champ William Trubridge in Maldives

12 March 2018, MVT 01:08
William Trubridge pictured during a free dive, with other divers accompanying him.
12 March 2018, MVT 01:08

The world record holder for what is regarded as the purest form of free diving, “constant weight without fins”, William Trubridge is currently in the Maldives on holiday.

The free diving champion was the first, and to date the only, person in the world to dive to a depth deeper than 100 meters without an oxygen cylinder.

Trubridge, 38, of New Zealand had dived to a depth of 102 meters without a cylinder and fins in one breath for four minutes and 12 seconds. Free divers usually dive up to 15-30 meters.

The Maldivian free diving record holder is Fahudh Faiz. He had dived to a depth of 69 meters without a cylinder.

Trubridge, currently on holiday in Club Med Kani in the Maldives, has no plans to engage in any dive related activity on this trip, even though he is acquainted with some divers in the Maldives.

“He is the Messi of free divers. He has immense talent,” described a local dive acquaintance of Trubridge.