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Two MP’s arrested and released from the rally

Nafaahath Ibrahim
17 February 2018, MVT 12:07
Nafaahath Ibrahim
17 February 2018, MVT 12:07


MP Mahloof being taken away from the rally by Police. PHOTO/SOCIAL MEDIA

Galholhu South MP Ahmed Mahloof and Ihavandhoo MP Mohamed “Muhamma” Abdulla were arrested at yesterday's opposition rally .

Mahloof  joined the rally after being taken in for questioning by the police as part of an investigation concerning comments made via his twitter account. Footage of him being taken into custody are circulating the media. He was seen covering his face with a mask, seemingly for protection against the pepper spray being used by the police.

Muhamma was arrested among other participants of the rally, as they moved into the roads following being chased out by the police from the Artificial Beach area.

Both MP's were released late Friday night.

The opposition describe the gathering as a “warm up” for an upcoming major rally.