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DJA spokesperson released hours after arrest

Nafaahath Ibrahim
12 February 2018, MVT 15:31
DJA's spokesperson Faisal Adam
Nafaahath Ibrahim
12 February 2018, MVT 15:31

Department of Judicial Administration’s (DJA) spokesperson Faisal Adam was arrested and released within a few hours late Sunday night.

He was taken to police custody Sunday afternoon and released late in the night. The charges against him were not clearly stated.

Lawyer Hussain Shameem stated that he had gone to the police and requested to meet Faisal as his lawyer. According to Shameem, he was not granted permission and was told by the police that Faisal did not want a lawyer.

Shameem added that Faisal was arrested without any warrant.

Faisal was released after taking his statement and seizing his mobile phone.

Several high profile arrests have been made in recent days in relation to the political instability in the country.