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Student stabbed in gang violence

Nafaahath Ibrahim
17 January 2018, MVT 16:17
A police officer helps a student of Dharumavantha School was stabbed in Lily Magu, Male. PHOTO/SOCIAL MEDIA
Nafaahath Ibrahim
17 January 2018, MVT 16:17

A student of Dharumavantha School was stabbed with a knife Wednesday while he was on his way home from school.

The police spokesperson said that the attack took place on Lily Magu around 12:55 p.m. The boy had been walking home when he was attacked and stabbed. He is currently being treated at ADK Hospital for his injuries.

The boy’s family, who hail from Haa Dhaal atoll Neykurendhoo island, said that he sustained several injuries apart from the stab wounds. His CT scan showed injuries to his head while two of his fingers were broken.

According to his family, there had been a falling out between him and another student at school earlier that day, though the family did not know the details. They said that the boy was attacked by a group a five people who had been waiting near the school gates. The 14 year old victim had said that when they called out to him, he did not respond and walked on. The group had followed him and attacked. They did not appear to be school students as they were sporting long hair, which was against the dress code of the school.

The victim plays for the under 16 Maldives National Football Team and mostly goes out for football practice only, a family member added.

The family also said that the boy's status was not serious and that the stab wound had not been too deep.

The attack came in the wake of an attack on a student of Thaajuddeen school, who was injured by a pair of scissors by another student and an accomplice on Tuesday.