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Head of integrity commission sacked following warning to police

24 November 2017, MVT 15:19
Yoosuf Maniu Mohamed, the newly appointed president of NIC
24 November 2017, MVT 15:19

President of the National Integrity Commission (NIC), Yoosuf Maaniu, was sacked on Thursday, after he alleged that the Maldives Police Service are uncooperative in NIC probes and warned legal action against police officers.

The President's Office on Thursday officially informed that Yoosuf Maaniu has been dismissed from the National Integrity Commission.

Maaniu had voiced concerns on social media last week claiming that senior police officers are influencing and obstructing the conduct of the commission in their probe.

He also stated that many cases related to the Maldives Police Service are being investigated but the police have so far been very uncooperative. Maaniu further warned that the commission would not hesitate to take legal action if required to resolve this issue.

NIC was established in 2015 and replaced the Police Integrity Commission. Itacts as a watchdog for four state institutions: Maldives Police Service, Department of Immigration and Emigration, Maldives Correctional Service, and Maldives Customs Service.