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Police chief warns against defaming officers

Farah Ahmed
10 August 2017, MVT 14:47
Group of Police officers pictured in Duty PHOTO:Nishan Ali/Mihaaru
Farah Ahmed
10 August 2017, MVT 14:47

Commissioner of Police Ahmed Areef on Wednesday warned that police defamation cases will be taken very seriously.

In a circular that was released by the commissioner, he alleged that there have been many incidents of individuals harassing police officers on a very personal level while they carry out their duties.

If a police officer files an official report regarding harassment, the police will initiate a lawsuit against the accused, he said.

“We will also like to note that if a police officer decides to file defamation charges against an individual on a personal capacity, they will still receive legal backing from the police,” the commissioner’s circular said.

Whilst Commissioner Areef sternly backed the police, recently there have been reports of certain police officers blatantly defying procedures and showing excessive violence – especially when controlling protests.

A case has also been filed at the National Integrity Commission regarding police brutality.